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12th Dec2018: The winner of the UE Boom is Tanya Jones, plus the winner of the Tropical Breeze Island is Gemma Martin 🎉🎉 Congrats… https://t.co/vSitliYuXA
14th Nov2018: *WIN* With only 39 days until Christmas 🎅it’s time to get those pressies sorted! We’ve got plenty of toys on sale t… https://t.co/K58Ro7F2EU
10th Nov2018: It’s the final day of our Pretty Big Pop-up Sale in Hamilton! There’s giveaways and bargains galore still, so head… https://t.co/feBhY6Vwfu
5th Nov2018: *Winners* Our Day 4 and Day 5 winners are Naomi Geldard and Courtney Livingston. Congrats guys, PM us with your add… https://t.co/sW0XIBiyC3
26th Sep2018: $20 Sale – With Diamond Deals! | Beyond Gazebos from only $79.99 | 270+ Sports Super Store Loot Mine our $20 Sale… https://t.co/uqZSY6HfOu
22nd Aug2018: Lenovo Chromebook $199.99 | Man Cave from $4.99 | Loose Change from $4.99 💻 11” Thinkpad with a low Lenovo price t… https://t.co/uL8oIKYYv7
8th May2018: Grab your whip, throw on some beige, and Raid the Temple of 1-day 💎 Uncover hidden Diamonds in the $20 Sale, added… https://t.co/IV2endk2fa
2nd May2018: The delicate craft of performance art, demonstrated flawlessly by our very own home-grown talent 🎭 Contact 1-day di… https://t.co/nimTZwDrhf
11th Apr2018: These Deals don’t lose their shape 🎶 Diamond Finds are a 1-dayer’s best friend! Discover hidden 💎 in the $20 Sale!… https://t.co/DoxoldDXn6
3rd Apr2018: Too much chocolate in the weekend? Burst out of your underwear? Grab a new pair with our Easter hangover deals! 🥚 G… https://t.co/xEz6whpC1G
8th Mar2018: 1-day loves 1-day Cricket – Congrats, and Happy Birthday, to @RossLTaylor! Limping, quite literally, to one of the great 1-day innings!
16th Feb2018: Enter the inner sanctum – the ever shifting whiteboard that decides your 1-day deals* *Ever shifting, as in, don’t… https://t.co/8xAuaZ0WGO
1st Feb2018: Valentine’s Deals end tomorrow! Guys, it’s your last chance to get her an amazing gift while likely receiving noth… https://t.co/e7q8XXwjP3
25th Jan2018: Moo, bark and neigh the 1-day way with these talking animal masks! 🦄🐮🐶 Grab yours here > https://t.co/iZX6gJLBOJ https://t.co/zLdtMoYKp3
31st Dec2017: Happy New Year from 1-day and Donaldson’s dairy! You know the drill - find the $100 gift voucher, post a selfie... https://t.co/a2iVaKP6xk
30th Dec2017: **WIN** It’s day 5 of our $100 Summer voucher giveaway! Recognise the spot, find the voucher first and it’s all... https://t.co/khUugVKR91
30th Dec2017: **WIN** It’s day 4 of our $100 Summer voucher giveaway! Recognise the spot, find the voucher first and it’s all... https://t.co/6iX2mb7yGu
29th Dec2017: **WIN** It’s day 3 of our $100 Summer voucher giveaway! Recognise the spot, find the voucher first and it’s all... https://t.co/wPCVVV5kI5
22nd Dec2017: A huge thank you to all our 1-day customers who kindly added an extra $2 to their purchases or liked our recent... https://t.co/E4CqpVUeIj
22nd Dec2017: 🎅🏻 🎄🎁 And the winner of the ‘Get Christmas Delivered’ competition is Alaina Campbell! Today we had the privilege... https://t.co/VZopD5lbRe
22nd Aug2017: Woohoo! Congratulations Amy Frazer, Garry Trewin, Sam Powick, Emma Clapperton, Laura Nicole and Nicola Doctr the... https://t.co/01TwSBu0fg
21st Aug2017: WIN* Ditch the socks and chocolates and win your dad one of these epic prizes! Simply like this post and comment... https://t.co/1RMIcKP6kL
4th Aug2017: And the winners of the Maybelline Mascara and Gillette Razor are …… If you’re a lucky winner please PM us with... https://t.co/4GQuq7ceI7
26th Jul2017: Cheers to everyone who entered our Spin to Win Competition! The winners have been drawn and we’re stoked to say,... https://t.co/ZIkQsAWCpe
17th Jul2017: Drum roll please... Congratulations: James Montford, Jade Rowe, Kristine Faed, Alysha Zentveld, Erin Krebs, Aimee... https://t.co/5WeSk1kpcX
19th Jun2017: The wait is over…. We’ve just drawn the lucky winners of our Fieldays Giveaways, PM us if you’re a winner or tag... https://t.co/p0Y95PZgpX
23rd May2017: Tag a mate who’s all about the Chill Overkill... Fight the freeze with fleece https://t.co/xxW53hcyKE https://t.co/J1KnYc7160
16th May2017: *WIN* Sign up to receive our daily emails and be in to Win an Apple iPhone 7 OR Samsung Galaxy S7!... https://t.co/vH8SOg4HYV
12th May2017: Congratulations to our light winners! 🎉 PM us and we will get your stylish symbol sent out to you. Tag them if you know them.
11th May2017: *WIN* Light up your office or room with these stylish symbols (coming soon to 1-day) Like this post and comment... https://t.co/yaNrWRr2qC
19th Apr2017: 🤣🤣😂😂😁😁 https://t.co/iAx6K3gGNX
18th Apr2017: Hop, Hop Hurray! We have our winners for our Easter Giveaways. PM us your details & we’ll get your prizes sent... https://t.co/VOxsVv77Zg
16th Apr2017: Put your sweet hunting skills to the test and grab a tasty discount! The eggs are in some sneaky spots around our... https://t.co/7K2yCEUFCs
13th Apr2017: Please be safe this Easter people - loads of rain about which may even delay some of your 1-day parcels being... https://t.co/1l8ayPftoq
13th Apr2017: Oh la la check out this hot deal. Perfect for cooking up all those winter favourites the Le Creuset range are... https://t.co/egeUQVWHl5
11th Apr2017: Them post Easter feels... https://t.co/UOxz882Aq0
10th Apr2017: Yay congrats Easter Egg Winners 😃🎊🎉. Flick us a PM with your details so we can get your eggs sent out in time 🐇🐥🐰 https://t.co/3GitPGExFK
7th Apr2017: The 1-day team were privileged to attend the Waikato Supper Club where $82,000 was raised for Ronald McDonald... https://t.co/BEr7MN12Wk
31st Mar2017: Congrats Tanyushka Nicoresti-Goode Wellington you’ll be #browgoals with this sweet serum! PM us your details and... https://t.co/CILXSXj3ui
30th Mar2017: **WIN** Get your eyebrows on fleek with LiBrow Eyebrow Serum. Let us know in the comments you brow blunder story... https://t.co/IVLsvc8Z85
29th Mar2017: Kit yourself out in some powerhouse workout gear from Under Armour. You’ll be fashionable, feeling comfortable... https://t.co/bG32Bacbdh
22nd Mar2017: Our customer services team have had a few enquiries about a poo appearing onto our homepage! Guess that means the... https://t.co/gcHi0wHwJ4
9th Mar2017: A massive thank you to all our sponsors & the players who helped us raise $8,500 for our friends at Ronald... https://t.co/gLdLWiVVfC
28th Feb2017: https://t.co/Eg7Rdjzkan
23rd Feb2017: Mum’s right when she says “make sure you wear clean underwear in case you get hit by a bus”. Ditch those dingy... https://t.co/N7o3vkN1FO
15th Feb2017: Congtaulations Charlotte Tegg - Our Valentines Day Giveaway Winner!! 💋🎉🙌🏼 PM us your details. Thanks to everyone... https://t.co/4pMtmzjpss
14th Feb2017: Congratulations Rachel Findlay 🙌🏼🎉 You have won our Kiwi Dream Camping Prizepack! 🏕 We have emailed you. Thank... https://t.co/26vSncbwXy
2nd Feb2017: Take your bedroom from beat to chic and give it a much needed makeover with a Logan & Mason Quilt Cover Set... https://t.co/CJGp7rwzyl
30th Jan2017: Them post long weekend feels... https://t.co/685x8vd8vd
23rd Jan2017: Build your fitness wardrobe with some fashionable, functional AND affordable pieces from Lorna Jane on sale today... https://t.co/wKBEUuRF2U
19th Jan2017: Pick yourself up (and the whole family) a new pair of kicks! Etnies shoes on sale today https://t.co/VLuLddsmyX https://t.co/G6BoZdQGnG
18th Jan2017: Them post holiday feels... https://t.co/b0vM6nG2c4
26th Dec2016: Treat yourself this Boxing Day with 1-days 4 at 4pm Clearance Deals exclusive to Facebook Fans. Click the link... https://t.co/Yjg6pcsgoi
25th Dec2016: Make sure to check out our Facebook page at 4pm on Boxing Day for our exclusive fan only specials. https://t.co/dW753XVEmS
22nd Dec2016: A Huge Thank you to all our 1-day customers who kindly added an extra $2 to their purchases over the month of... https://t.co/cYl6Ynf4u3
20th Dec2016: Yay! Our 3 winners our our massive Summer Prize Packs - gonna make an epic Christmas for these people! Tag them... https://t.co/cu9emTNRM3
13th Dec2016: Heart rate returned to normal in the web team. Back up and running...
13th Dec2016: Eeek. Sorry guys. Website is spewing about something and having a tanty. Tech people are furiously pushing... https://t.co/jqcc2h1zRV
13th Dec2016: We’ve been overwhelmed by the response from our awesome Facebook Fans over the past 12 days BUT there can only be... https://t.co/kGsN0HAuYQ
11th Dec2016: Drum roll please....the winner of the $1000 1-day Voucher is Constance Thompson! Congrats! PM us your details and... https://t.co/owWRwfMgBj
11th Dec2016: On the 11th day of giveaways 1-day brings to you a $1000 Gift Voucher! The lucky winner has 7 days to spend their... https://t.co/D5Z5wwbDNM
10th Dec2016: Clean up after Xmas using the power of steam. On the 10th day of giveaways 1-day brings to you a Craig & Russell... https://t.co/nCFhEtk5gE
9th Dec2016: Set the table in style this Christmas. On the 9th day of giveaways 1-day brings to you a Jamie Oliver 16 Piece... https://t.co/pQf8LllfLU
8th Dec2016: Congrats Julie you’ve come out smelling of roses! You have won our fragrance combo. PM us your details and we’ll... https://t.co/Axtc5BKMBA
8th Dec2016: On the 8th day of giveaways 1-day brings to you a His & Her fragrance combo. A great gift for yourself and that... https://t.co/kS4RLEHNNZ
8th Dec2016: On the 8th day of giveaways 1-day brings to you a His & Her fragrance combo. A great gift for yourself and that... https://t.co/xJJb84EN8m
7th Dec2016: Whip your storage into sheddy shape! On the 7th day of giveaways 1-day brings to you this awesome Garden Shed!... https://t.co/Q0ZTsctR4I
6th Dec2016: Holey jingle bells! We’re half way through our giveaways with some epic prizes still up for grabs! On the 6th day... https://t.co/kNbRG1buvz
5th Dec2016: AND the giveaways keep coming. On the 5th day of giveaways 1-day brings to you a UE Mega Boom. Perfect for... https://t.co/X9GNZBGJdf
4th Dec2016: On the fourth day of giveaways 1-day brings to you a Craftmaster 52cc Chainsaw! A great pressie for the gardener... https://t.co/nJh6XtDiqq
3rd Dec2016: On the third day of giveaways 1-day brings to you a wicked Hyper Vintage Cruiser Bike! You know the drill….like... https://t.co/cMdkTJjdaP
2nd Dec2016: Our first day of giveaways went off with a bang! On the second day of giveaways 1-day brings to you this awesome... https://t.co/qtQGB4TyIJ
1st Dec2016: 1-day’s 12 Days of Giveaways is back & we’ve got some big giveaways lined up for our Facebook fans. Our first... https://t.co/9l4qPsUexq
24th Nov2016: https://t.co/uqMnFyNZif
23rd Nov2016: The 1-day crew are super pumped for this years giveaways! We’ve got some awesome stuff lined up for our Facebook... https://t.co/LuwG7wdp5s
16th Nov2016: All your delicious Christmas dishes made the 1-day crew hungry BUT there can only be 5 winners. Congratulations... https://t.co/ohRx6UpCnP
14th Nov2016: Following the overnight earthquakes there may be some delays to online orders in the upper South Island. We will... https://t.co/fnoklHd1uu
8th Nov2016: This could well be one of you at the office today.... https://t.co/1JxfM87ZMJ
1st Nov2016: Our very own Emma Hosie completing her first ever Marathon on Sunday in 4 hours and 9 minutes! Running for our... https://t.co/bP8MiRcU5P
1st Nov2016: 23,000 entries into our latest competition! Only 4 lucky winners - are you one of them? PM us your address so... https://t.co/JL5J8yfH2s
21st Oct2016: Long weekend starts in T-Minus 1 hour.... https://t.co/KOsJLCCzCb
5th Oct2016: Introducing the lovely Emma Hosie from the 1-day crew. Emma doesn’t get her toned legs from pumping weights.... https://t.co/FPLbElql5z
3rd Oct2016: This creative display gadget is perfect for displaying a bit of inspiration to your home, love to your wedding or... https://t.co/FtD0YG1c5t
3rd Oct2016: Monday got me feeling like.... https://t.co/SHZfJvkM6q
29th Sep2016: Winner winner chicken dinner! Congratulations to our Chelsea Winter Giveaway Winners....hit us up with your... https://t.co/ENRogQRdOV
28th Sep2016: Get the look for less with a stylish Faux Cow Hide from 1-day. These rugs are an ideal way to bring in texture... https://t.co/EHn1iwb8F2
28th Sep2016: Nothing makes a space feel more inviting than warm lighting. These LED lights combine both traditional and... https://t.co/7IXhyOdYaX
27th Sep2016: Soooo many entries to our Spring Competition but only one winner - congrats to Riki Peihopa from Glen Eden - hit... https://t.co/bpqEMhdiD9
27th Sep2016: With the silly season just around the corner what better time to start brushing up on your baking skills or... https://t.co/t3QbKgtKLb
25th Sep2016: The Crap has started to get dispatched with some customers already reporting of their arrival…check out what some... https://t.co/ikgEZDBkX1
23rd Sep2016: Check out the container door comp team....liking what they did for their 1 year Jake and nerroly....also if... https://t.co/su1ZDksJij
23rd Sep2016: Bag of Crap is now live! Here’s the deal – this sale is like a lucky dip with tonnes of awesome stuff up for... https://t.co/IT0Nvyxwmo
19th Sep2016: So why do the weeks always play out; Moooooooooooonday, Tuuueeeeeeesday, Weeeeeeeeeeednesday, Thuuuuuuuursday,... https://t.co/qq3wlwqfPP
13th Sep2016: Bag yourself a bargain with some fab Adidas gear on sale today. Check out this Adidas Stellasport Print Backpack... https://t.co/ZJqlFXbql9
6th Sep2016: Start enjoying the combination of sleek styling and amazing functionality that Apple is famous for with this... https://t.co/k31siERAlY
2nd Sep2016: #Friday #tgifridays #fridayfeeling https://t.co/fFTstFHkSx
1st Sep2016: Spring is here and what better time to start a new venture to better health. Check out this Fitbit Charge HR on... https://t.co/sXaTw7NAdC
31st Aug2016: The BIG book of the year, and the book just for Dad or any Richie McCaw fan. Perfect for the coffee table we’re... https://t.co/mnxYfMU7iH
30th Aug2016: Is your Dad rad? If so, comment why your Dad deserves this awesome prize or email us at comps@1-day.co.nz with... https://t.co/t7UB9qDyWG
30th Aug2016: Add a touch of texture and spruce up your boudoir with one of these awesome waffle duvet sets on sale today. This... https://t.co/EkDm9NigyJ
26th Aug2016: Them Friday feels #tgifridays #Friday #fridayfeeling https://t.co/GW7rIIbPMX
26th Aug2016: There’s more to having a good head on your shoulders than having a high IQ. It’s all about the hair. With great... https://t.co/RxtB75SFWD
25th Aug2016: Preach....#lazy #1day #running #runningsucks https://t.co/uZq9k5BtiA
25th Aug2016: Looking for a stylish statement piece of furniture but don’t want to break the bank? Check out these trendy... https://t.co/2Y8HGyAnyE
24th Aug2016: #1daybargains #12oclockaddiction #greenbagaddiction #onlineshopping #impulsebuy #winetime https://t.co/VUTCH4NTT6
24th Aug2016: Shop the look for less with our Liberty Copper Coloured Cutlery Set on sale today. Great for everyday use, or... https://t.co/sD9qQbqQLg
22nd Aug2016: If Monday had a face.... https://t.co/8jMSIInc9x
19th Aug2016: We are selling Richie today on the site (the book lol) but we are also giving 2 copies away. Anyone want one?... https://t.co/fJIMz26ogq
16th Aug2016: The sun is out but winter is far from over.... winners of the Winter bedding comp here, we wanna hear from you... https://t.co/zXFGOclVnL
11th Aug2016: Helllllooooooo 1-day winners! Contact us asap and let us sort your awesome Weekend Getaway pronto! https://t.co/h2CNpFF2O1
8th Aug2016: I posted a new photo to Facebook https://t.co/IVNhLt8PqL
28th Jul2016: Anyone else? https://t.co/BA9Py5jPqI
25th Jul2016: Livinia Cunningham! You win the 42 Inch LED TV! Thank you to everyone for celebrating our 9th birthday with us... https://t.co/jly3pwhwPV
25th Jul2016: Livinia Cunningham! You win the 42 Inch LED TV! Thank you to everyone for celebrating our 9th birthday with us... https://t.co/LcLNTvVglY
21st Jul2016: Day 4 of Birthday Giveaways - 5 x $100 1-day vouchers! Like our page and comment - you know the drill - drawn... https://t.co/mLJBYQ6wiF
20th Jul2016: More diamond deals just loaded....limited quantities get in quick!
20th Jul2016: More Diamond Deals will be loaded through out the day - yes these deals are genuine and all in good birthday... https://t.co/2jEMUmKOvz
19th Jul2016: Day 2 of our birthday giveaways! Who wants a UE Boom? Like our page and comment below - drawn tomorrow! And... https://t.co/C45w7R2JJ6
6th Jul2016: GPS take note.... https://t.co/fW483SFMLz
5th Jul2016: Knew it! https://t.co/994YNEBF5o
23rd Jun2016: So great to meet so many of you at Fieldays, thank you for being 1-day customers!... https://t.co/Gf2JQi44Pd
10th Jun2016: Today is Ronald McDonald House National Appeal day. If you see one of their friendly volunteer collectors in your... https://t.co/HSDkNPl1xN
9th Jun2016: FIELDAYS GIVEAWAY TIME! Show winter you mean business with some seriously hard wearing gear that can stand up to... https://t.co/xeu1i03CIU
30th May2016: https://t.co/V6SuR9TAJh
25th May2016: Do you have previous retail experience? Are you energetic, a fast learner and thrive in a busy environment? 1-day... https://t.co/MRFNu0qkxf
24th May2016: happy hump day! https://t.co/MfrBKakidU
16th May2016: Congratulations to Vicki Woodham from Waiuku! You have won the Shark Navigator! Please PM us your details and... https://t.co/SedDceFtzF
13th May2016: GIVEAWAY TIME!! When the dust settles you’ll be needing one of these superb Shark Navigators! We have a... https://t.co/JWyAoTbIfq
12th May2016: Welcome Smashbox to our exclusive email subscribers this morning....... https://t.co/q87iClmJQ4
10th May2016: https://t.co/q0PfP9gUYo
6th May2016: TGIF https://t.co/vHwmqhpEl6
4th May2016: Pre-lunch feels https://t.co/s9g4xYjohi
3rd May2016: Real talk... https://t.co/E7Wppwi8F7
29th Apr2016: Exaaaactly! https://t.co/cruLO3l7xH
20th Apr2016: Who loves their Mum? Comment why your Mum deserves this awesome $1,000 prize or email us at comps@1-day.co.nz... https://t.co/JvNTo06eY2
19th Apr2016: Can you relate...unfortunately? https://t.co/6N5Ie0ZLrX
17th Apr2016: I posted a new photo to Facebook https://t.co/AVhBoj1q22
15th Apr2016: Them Friday feels... https://t.co/Zgj3GTDkZJ
12th Apr2016: https://t.co/j7TkmWoHwl
11th Apr2016: haha! https://t.co/HOpkpSWk5o
8th Apr2016: The look you give when someone gets to leave work early on a Friday... https://t.co/5IjnFxYkqR
6th Apr2016: Happy hump day :) https://t.co/paB5pkpdno
4th Apr2016: Looking forward to Friday like... https://t.co/q1jhSqw9jK
31st Mar2016: End of Summer Giveaway Time! Six pairs of Oakley and Electric sunnies on offer - so 6 lucky people to win a pair... https://t.co/4ZUGFbffzE
31st Mar2016: Supper Club Waikato was a roaring success last week! Thank you to the volunteers below and local businesses to... https://t.co/Sw8ExR6smN
24th Mar2016: The 5 winners of the Easter Hampers are; Sharon Huntley, Soraya Exler, Josh Dobbie, Lewanna Pentecost and Roslyn... https://t.co/SB0fT1Pz38
21st Mar2016: Easter Bunny Hunt on the site this week - find the bunny and be in to win one of five massive Easter Bunnies and... https://t.co/fd2R62l2Wq

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