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23rd Jul: Kia ora, thank you for your patience 💜 Our teams are here to answer your queries, but we know our wait times will b…
20th Jul: Landing gear ✅ views ✅ #avgeeks taking pics of our planes ✅ = perfect ☺️ #AirNZShareMe 📸IG: thewellingtonaviator
19th Jul: Can you guess where this #AirNZFindMe is? It’s home to a gannet colony and known as the fish hook of Māui 💜🪶🪝
16th Jul: When you have a look at your most used emojis😅 #WorldEmojiDay
14th Jul: That moment you realise your child is a future #avgeek 😍✈️ 📸IG: justinejswart
13th Jul: Looking back to 2012, when we joined Master Baggins on his unexpected journey 🧙‍♂️ #OnThisDay
1st Jul: Mānawatia a Matariki from our whānau to yours 💜 ✨ How will you be reflecting during Matariki?
22nd Jun: 🎵 You spin me right round 🎶 #AirNZShareMe 📸IG: cams_aviation
16th Jun: Ko hea tēnei? Can you guess where this is? #AirNZFindMe Hint: The apple doesn’t fall far from the park 🍎 😉
9th Jun: A city with a different perspective 🇦🇺 #TransTasmanBubble 📸 IG: @wesleyonair
7th Jun: 36,000 ft never looked so good 🌅 #AirNZShareMe 📸 Lisa Baillie
27th May: Kei te uri o Te Tai Rāwhiti, ka nui te mihi ki a koe i whai wā ki te tuku mihi atu ki a Kiran me tōna māia ki te ak…
27th May: Our version of the silhouette challenge 🌝
26th May: With a view like this, the answer is YES 💍💜
26th May: Frosted tips are officially back in fashion #AirNZShareMe 📸jackburdenimages
24th May: Are you flying for something massive or something small, like this tiny pēpi? 🐰💜
23rd May: Isn’t this what it’s all about? 💜✈️
20th May: Hey #avgeeks, check out the 88 waypoints we flew last weekend to complete our Koru Care kiwi ☺️💜
19th May: 50 little heroes, 50 big smiles. Watch below to make it 51 smiles 💜✈️
16th May: Island time is calling 📞 Celebrating our first quarantine-free flight to Rarotonga! 🌺🐚
15th May: Flight NZ4376 (NZHERO) has departed with 50 Koru Care kids onboard and are due to fly in an epic flight pattern ✈️…
14th May: Silhouettes at dusk along the calm harbours of Tāmaki Makaurau ✨🌅
11th May: This view lives rent free in our heads ✨☁️ #AirNZShareMe 📸 @LostLouey
30th Apr: 81 years of seeing views like these 🎉🎂😍
19th Apr: History in the making 🎉 Our first #TransTasmanBubble flight touching down in the capital ✈️💜 #WelcomeWhānau
16th Apr: 3 sleeps until that #TransTasmanBubble 😍✈️
14th Apr: (Clue = 🌳🐦🦎🇦🇺☕️) Where are we? #AirNZFindMe
6th Apr: Dig out your passports – the Koru returns to Tasman skies #TransTasmanBubble
1st Apr: Have an egg-cellent Easter everyone 🥰
31st Mar: A stunning view of the centre of Aotearoa ✨ Where are we? #AirNZFindMe
26th Mar: Weekend views 😍
24th Mar: 15 takahē are settling in their safe new homes in Nelson, after travelling from Invercargill ✈️ We’re proud to supp…
19th Mar: How will you share some happiness today? 🥰 #InternationalDayofHappiness
18th Mar: The @AllBlacks weren’t prepared for this sort of training but we were on standby to show them how we take care of o…
18th Mar: There’s been a mix-up… But that didn’t stop our newest trainees from the @AllBlacks getting stuck in at the enginee…
6th Mar: Ka nui te mihi Aotearoa 💜
3rd Mar: Taking a moment to find calm in the picturesque views of Queenstown 🎨✨
28th Feb: Aotearoa, kia haumaru, kia atawhai 💜 Our COVID-19 Hub has been updated with everything you need to know about safe…
23rd Feb: Milford, you are sound 💜👌⛰️ #MilfordSound
17th Feb: To moving forward together 💜 While our onboard service is still on hold, all our lounges and valets are now open.…
15th Feb: We’re so grateful for your patience as we get through this together once more 💜 Our COVID-19 Hub has been updated…
14th Feb: Kia kaha Aotearoa ❤️
5th Feb: Stunning sunsets in our backyard 🌅
28th Jan: The golden hour glow ✨☀️ #AirNZShareMe 📷 IG: visualapproachimages
21st Jan: NZ941 our very first quarantine-free flight from Rarotonga, touching down at Auckland International Airport ✈️✨
20th Jan: A new view for a new adventure. Which part of our beautiful backyard are you exploring next? #AirNZShareMe 📷 IG: n…
11th Jan: A departure as dreamy as the destination 😍 #AirNZShareMe 📷 IG: moetson
4th Jan: Views to get you ready for the adventure that awaits 😍 ✈️ #AirNZShareMe 📷 IG: sproutingtravels
31st Dec: A new dawn. Where are you welcoming 2021? 🌄🤗
21st Dec: Thread 😍👇 What are your #NZSummer travel tips?
20th Dec: Have a magical Christmas 😉🍬 What does your festive headrest say? 🎄 #MiriKirihimete #AirNZXmas
18th Dec: Our #LoveGoes to you too, @samsmith 😍 Listen to Sam’s playlist 🎶
8th Dec: The excitement is real 😍 #AirNZSafetyVideo
6th Dec: With views like Mt Taranaki, Aotearoa really is the obvious choice for the 8th Wonder of the World 😍 What makes our…
2nd Dec: Ready to discover the 8th Wonder of the World? ✨ #AirNZSafetyVideo
1st Dec: Something tells us the next sunrise will bring something wonderful 💜
18th Nov: Santa borrowed our #Sleigh320 to sprinkle some magic after a tough year... take a look 😉🎄✈️ #AirNZXmas
18th Nov: 👀... Coming tomorrow #AirNZXmas
16th Nov: Happy 100th birthday @Qantas! 2020’s been a turbulent ride, especially in aviation, but we know we’ll cross flight…
13th Nov: #NZ660 has taken off and the World Premiere of SIX60: Till the Lights Go Out has begun 🎬✈️
13th Nov: 1 of 73 Takapourewa tuatara boarding and getting ready for take off ✈️ Proud to support @docgovtnz this week by mov…
9th Nov: Adventure is just a short flight away 😉
5th Nov: That ready to board feeling 🎉 #AirNZShareMe 📷 habitat.of.pat
4th Nov: There’s always one 😂
28th Oct: Sometimes the beginning of the adventure is hard to beat 😍 #AirNZShareMe 📷 IG: alexstuartnz
23rd Oct: Keen for a holiday, just not sure where to go? It’s time for a Mystery Break 😉
20th Oct: When the light hits just right ✈️😍 #AirNZShareMe 📷 IG: firemanmark
13th Oct: The first place to see the sun each day would be this beautiful 🌅😍
7th Oct: Adventure is just a short flight away 😉
1st Oct: What was your order this #InternationalCoffeeDay? ☕️
30th Sep: Those golden hour departures ✨ #AirNZShareMe 📷 IG: shooting__tin
25th Sep: So much to explore 🌾 So, where are we? #AirNZFindMe
23rd Sep: To moving forward, together 💜 #AirNZShareMe 📷 IG:
22nd Sep: Dreaming of adventures to Middle Earth... Happy #InternationalHobbitDay 🧙‍♂️💍
17th Sep: When the journey is just as dreamy as the destination 😍 #AirNZShareMe 📷 IG: perronic123
17th Sep: Last night ZK-OKH left Auckland for California to join our 777 fleet resting their wings ✈️ Mā te wā 🖤
14th Sep: We’re making it easier for you to make changes to your domestic bookings 💜 So, if you’re travelling before 31 March…
9th Sep: The calming beauty of our backyard ✨ #WeirdlySatisfying
4th Sep: The @AllBlacks give us their best tips for their hometowns – are you team Hamilton or team Dunedin? 😉
14th Aug: The safety of our crew and passengers continues to be our priority throughout this time ❤️ We are working through…
13th Aug: Keeping you and our staff safe is our top priority and we will be doing so with a smile, or by sharing a hug in sig…
12th Aug: We’re grateful for your patience as we band together again ❤️ We’ve increased flexibility, if you are booked on a d…
4th Aug: Our first flight to Fua’amotu International Airport since border restrictions were introduced! Repatriation flight…
31st Jul: Kia Ora magazine is back! Get your travel inspiration and #DoSomethingNewNZ
31st Jul: A winter wonderland awaits ❄️ #DoSomethingNewNZ
27th Jul: Here’s to our hardworking Cargo teams keeping the country moving with Kiwi goods 🐟📨🥦
23rd Jul: So much to explore around Taupō 😍 What are you starting with?
23rd Jul: Dreaming of snowcapped beauty? 😍 #AirNZShareMe 📸 IG: liisojaste
20th Jul: Koru Hour is back on board today... Have you missed our cheese > cracker ratio? 🧀
6th Jul: Moving forward as a united front - aroha nui to the people of Dunedin, who rallied together to pull this ATR-72 acr…
1st Jul: NZ has us spoiled for choice 😍 Where are we today? #AirNZFindMe
22nd Jun: Back above the clouds ☁️ What’s waiting for you on the other end? #AirNZShareMe 📷 IG: jessicawillemse
19th Jun: 🥰
17th Jun: Our backyard is waiting ❤️ Where are you dreaming of taking off to? #AirNZShareMe 📷 IG: danieltmcg
14th Jun: A pair of native kākāriki ready to take off to their new home 🥰 Proud to work with @docgovtnz getting more…
10th Jun: Excited to continue the journey of reconnecting Kiwis. We’re now flying to all of our destinations throughout NZ ✈️
8th Jun: There’s quite a bit of adventure in our backyard. What’s first on your list? 🙋‍♀️
8th Jun: Thank you for your patience with us so far ❤️ We’re working hard to get through the huge volume of those needing as…
30th May: The best view to begin the long weekend with ☀️ ✈️ #AirNZShareMe 📷 IG happily_travelling
27th May: We love seeing this view again too 🥰
25th May: ZK-NZL landing in Narita, Tokyo. Our first dedicated cargo flight to Japan. Proud to keep our exports moving 🇯🇵✈
22nd May: Where would you go, what would you do? 🥰
20th May: What is the first local destination you will go to when you can? Inspire us with your photographs ✈️✨ 📸IG:…
15th May: Reconnecting you to the people and places you love. Where to Next? ✈️
13th May: Warming up our engines as we take more customers to the skies tomorrow 🖤 See you soon New Zealand
11th May: You’re not the only ones missing flying… 😂 #CrazyAboutRugby
8th May: This #MothersDay things are a little different. Luckily, our friend @ronanofficial lent a hand to make Mum’s day 🥰
5th May: Proud to call New Zealand home. It’s ❤️ warming to see kiwis helping local businesses right now. How are you suppor…
29th Apr: So many iconic moments 😍 Who can pick which decade of Air NZ history this is? #AirNZ80Years
28th Apr: You made us blush, fam. 🖤 Thank you for choosing us as the most trusted, respected and admired company in both Aot…
24th Apr: Different #FlashbackFriday looks for different times 👀 which of our iconic liveries is your favourite? #AirNZ80Years
23rd Apr: There’s a first time for everything. Flight NZ1954 departing for Delhi, India. Proud to work with the NZ Government…
21st Apr: One for the ages 😍 #LOTR
21st Apr: Time flies 😉 #MeAt20 #AirNZ80Years
19th Apr: Proud to be transporting our frontline workers around our country as they continue to keep us safe 🖤
17th Apr: A #FlashbackFriday for the occasion, because we’ve been doing #FormalFriday since way back 😉 #AirNZ80Years
16th Apr: #AvGeeks of all ages sticking together during lockdown ✈️ how have you been keeping the little ones entertained? 😂…
15th Apr: We carried some precious cargo this weekend 🐦 Thank you to our crew on board NZ5348 for helping @docgovtnz get thes…
14th Apr: Our hangars are full, but so are our hearts. We got this New Zealand ❤️
9th Apr: Things look different after 80 years of innovation 👀 any guesses what year this #ThrowbackThursday is from?…
7th Apr: What makes your bubble beautiful? #AirNZShareMe 📸 IG:jamesborsjenz
7th Apr: We’re honoured to help get people home from around the globe 🌏 Our first repatriation flight for the German Governm…
6th Apr: Last night flight NZ288 arrived safely in New Zealand, carrying critical medical supplies. Thank you to our cargo t…
3rd Apr: 80 years of safety 💛 Some things change, some things stay the same. #AirNZ80Years #FlashbackFriday
31st Mar: Thank you to our Cargo partners and Air New Zealand team for our first dedicated cargo flight last night. Continuin…
30th Mar: Confirming our fleet are parked up at least 2 metres apart #PhysicalDistancing 😂💔
24th Mar: He waka eke noa. We are all in this together.
16th Mar: Our people are working hard to answer your queries, thank you for your patience and understanding ️ We are focussi…
14th Mar: Kia Ora, thank you for your patience as we work through high volumes of calls and messages right now. Please find…
13th Mar: Our in flight entertainment charts have been topped by @TaikaWaititi, another one for his trophy case Have you se…
10th Mar: Our diverse community of Air New Zealanders, parading side by side. Proud to be celebrating #AirNZPride! @WIPPNZ
4th Mar: No one: Me halfway to work: did I turn off my hair straightener?
2nd Mar: Proud to be joining a @NASAGoddard climate science mission ️ #AirNZSusty
2nd Mar: Take off... #AirNZSafetyVideo
29th Feb: The beginning of an adventure. Watch the newest #AirNZSafetyVideo 😍
27th Feb: Hey @Qantas, it’s your younger slightly better looking cousin from across the ditch 😉 Good work on A Century of Saf…
26th Feb: Nestiquette (noun): How to #Skynest according to a couple friends 💤 but what are your nestiquette tips?
25th Feb: We hear you, sometimes you just need to stretch out 😴 Our Economy #Skynest is in development to help make your drea…
24th Feb: Ever slept with your head on the tray table? Our designers have dreamed something up… 😉 💤 #AirNZExperience
24th Feb: Proud to celebrate with our people and their loved ones at Woof - The Auckland Rainbow Dog Show! 🐶🌈 #AirNZPride 📸…
20th Feb: We’re all about bringing birdsong back to our Great Walks with @docgovtnz, so which feathered friends can you spot?…
19th Feb: The next generation of Air New Zealanders should be dressed for the part
17th Feb: Reducing waste on board means looking at things differently ️ #AirNZSusty
13th Feb: Imagine being flightless and mate-less. We’ve given takahē wings to get them where they need to be, but we need you…
10th Feb: “All loose items should be stowed under the seat in front of you...” Nice one @TaikaWaititi – congrats! 🎉 #Oscars…
9th Feb: Good luck to @TaikaWaititi at the #Oscars today! So proud 🥰🏆
3rd Feb: Another @docgovtnz #AirNZPreciousPax en route home 😍
3rd Feb: Today we welcome our new leader to the whānau. Nau mai ki Te Araraurangi e te rangatira Greg Foran. We can’t wait t…
30th Jan: A #FlashbackFriday and soothing to the eye 😍💙
24th Jan: Where are you landing for the weekend? ✨ #AirNZShareMe 📸 IG:
23rd Jan: Beautiful NZ from above, not a bad view 😍
19th Jan: We mean it when we say anyone can be an aspiring lolly runner 😂🍬
5th Jan: So are we. #PhotoCampTōkuMauri
2nd Jan: Taking a holiday from the holidays ✈️ 🏖 Where are we situated? #AirNZFindMe
30th Dec: Getting ready to land a new decade. Where will 2020 take you? #AirNZShareMe 📸 IG: tranquil_avi_photos
26th Dec: No matter how you like your cheese-to-cracker ratio, us Kiwis sure love cheese - enough to eat up 10.4 tonnes of ca…
22nd Dec: Getting the big guy where he needs to be this Christmas 😉🎅 #MerryChristmas from our family to yours!
18th Dec: Keeping it courteous 😉
17th Dec: The numbers are in! How many times was our top movie viewed this year? Bonus points if you can guess what movie... 😉 #AirNZExperience
15th Dec: ☑️ Renew liquor licence (better late than never) 🎄🥂
11th Dec: Christmas to-do list 🎄 ☑️ Order Christmas ham ☑️ Put up tree ☑️ Wrap presents ◻️ Renew liquor licence
11th Dec: Here’s what’s onboard this December. What’s top of your list? 🎬🎧
10th Dec: When the journey is just as stunning as the destination ✈️😍
1st Dec: We love New Zealand as much as you do, so we all need to promise to take care of it for the generations to come👇…
29th Nov: You won’t be expected to do this! 😂But we are rolling out @LesMills inflight workouts onboard all our international…
27th Nov: Hidden among beauty 👀✈️ #AirNZShareMe 📸 IG: darren.gill
25th Nov: We’re not ones to blow our own trumpet, but today we can’t help it. We’ve just been named Airline Of The Year 2020,…
23rd Nov: "Try the rosé". 🤣 Thanks for having us Stephen! ✈️ #LSSC
23rd Nov: Let the show begin 🎬✈ #LSSC @colbertlateshow
23rd Nov: Late Night TV is about to get a lot more kiwi #LSSC @colbertlateshow
23rd Nov: We are taking off on our inaugural flight from Auckland to Seoul ✨ What would you do first? ✈️ 🇰🇷
20th Nov: So, which destination is top of your list? 👀 #AirNZMustDo
14th Nov: What does it mean to be kiwi today? We took @InsideNatGeo photographers to Murupara so young Kiwis like Jazmin coul…
12th Nov: We’re taking @InsideNatGeo photographers to 5 regions throughout NZ to empower under-served youth to tell their sto…
8th Nov: Which rugged coastline is top of your list to explore? 🌊 📸 IG: #AirNZShareMe
6th Nov: The age-old debate! 🍬
6th Nov: Interested in adding a trip to New Zealand to that list of fun dreams, @chrissyteigen? Don’t worry about @Delta, we…
5th Nov: Together we stand. Welcome home @AllBlacks 🖤 #CrazyAboutRugby
5th Nov: It can be easy to get separated from your travel buddy, happens to the best of us ❤️🤞
1st Nov: Way to finish! Well done @allblacks, beating Wales 40-17! 🖤 #CrazyAboutRugby #NZLvWAL
31st Oct: We’ll always stand with the @AllBlacks. Why are you still #CrazyAboutRugby? #NZLvWAL
30th Oct: Night flights and Northern Lights, what a special sight... But look too closely and you’ll get a fright 👀 😱 Happy…
30th Oct: Backing our boys in black, no matter what 🖤 #CrazyAboutRugby
29th Oct: Wait so this must mean #CockpitKaraoke is back on the tray table, right @JKCorden? Let’s chat 😏
28th Oct: 👀
26th Oct: Kia kaha @allblacks you’ve done us proud... we’re still crazy about you 🖤 Well played England, well played.…
26th Oct: Keep your heads up boys... This is one tense match! 🖤 #CrazyAboutRugby #ENGvNZL
26th Oct: Strap yourselves in. This is edge-of-your-seat stuff... #CrazyAboutRugby #ENGvNZL
24th Oct: Empire State Of Mind, New York Minute, Streets of New York… We are jamming out some beats to celebrate our first ev…
21st Oct: THIS JUST IN 👀 The Sports Desk is getting some special guests in Japan later this week... So, what are those burnin…
19th Oct: WHAT a performance by the @AllBlacks, defeating Ireland 46-14. 💪💪💪Next stop: Semi-final against England! 🖤 #NZLvIRE
19th Oct: Wow. Just wow. The @AllBlacks. So dominant, so clinical. Unbelievably good. #CrazyAboutRugby #NZLvIRE
19th Oct: Wow that was amazing by the @AllBlacks. #CrazyAboutRugby #NZLvIRE
19th Oct: Yes! Off to a flying start. You’ve got this boys! #CrazyAboutRugby #NZLvIRE
19th Oct: Alright, who’s ready?? #CrazyAboutRugby #NZLvIRE
17th Oct: Big game this weekend. Know any Irish fans who could use some tips for getting through it? 😉 #CrazyAboutRugby…
10th Oct: Seems like Kiwis are a pretty polite bunch — we heard lots of people reckon they only take 2 when the basket comes…
8th Oct: Enjoy an @AllBlacks coffee, even if it’s a flat white... ☕️ #CrazyAboutRugby
7th Oct: That moment when you get to work with your hero. Who’s yours? #FatherAndSon
6th Oct: The start of a new adventure ✈️
6th Oct: 3 from 3, well played. @AllBlacks 71 - Namibia 9 💪 Who impressed you the most? #CrazyAboutRugby #NZLvNAM


27th Feb: Take off...
31st Jul: Air All Blacks
18th Jul: Park Bench
17th Jul: Disguise
17th Jul: Docks.
1st Nov: Tiaki Promise

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