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Current Promo Offers - August 2019

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NutraLife Sale - Free Gift Deal (to 18th Aug)
Free Delivery on NZ orders over $19! Ends 2pm NZST 14 Aug (to 14th Aug)
Save 35-40% off RRP on selected Natures Way Reuteri products (to 12th Aug)
NutraLife Sale - 3 for 2 (to 5th Aug)
Save 20-45% off RRP on Selected NutraLife Products (to 31st Jul)
Save Up to 35% on Made4Baby and Made4Kids ranges (to 30th Jul)
Save 15% off RRP on the Dolphin Clinic Range (to 23rd Jul)
Up to 45% off selected Thompsons Winter products (to 22nd Jul)
Double Rewards on BioBalance (to 22nd Jul)
Save 25% off RRP on selected Weleda Facial & Lip Care products (to 22nd Jul)
Save up to 25% RRP on selected Thursday Plantation products (to 22nd Jul)
Save 25% off RRP on Superfeast Reishi (to 22nd Jul)
Save 25% off RRP on selected Radiance Hormone Balance (to 22nd Jul)
Save 15% to 25% off RRP on NuWoman BALANCE and NuWoman 30 PLUS 60s .. (to 22nd Jul)
Save 35% off RRP on Harmony Range (to 22nd Jul)
Save 35% off RRP on Natures Sunshine Femme Enhance (to 22nd Jul)
Save 35% off RRP on NutraLife Meno-Life Range/Save 40%off RRP (to 22nd Jul)
Save 25% on RRP on Efamol range (to 22nd Jul)
Save 40-45% off RRP on Clinicians Womens range (to 22nd Jul)
Save $10 on BioBalance Maca (to 22nd Jul)
Save 25% off RRP on Artemis Cool & Calm Team (to 22nd Jul)
Free Gold Dust Mini When You Spend $29 on Tailor Products (to 22nd Jul)
Save 25-30% off RRP on the Sambucol Black Elderberry Range (to 22nd Jul)
Every Day Low Prices - BioBalance Petbalance Glucosamine For Dogs f.. (to 22nd Jul)
Save 45% off RRP on the Nutra-Life Kyolic range (to 22nd Jul)
Save 25% off RRP on Selected Immunity Products (to 22nd Jul)
FREE DELIVERY on all NZ orders over $19 (to 10th Jul)
Save 10% off RRP on the Hurraw Range (to 2nd Jul)
Save 15% off RRP across on Body Crystal products (to 2nd Jul)
Essano Range - 3 for 2 Deal (to 2nd Jul)
Discount off RRP - Good Health Magnesium Sleep Support 60 Caps for .. (to 1st Jul)
Save 25% off RRP on Selected Inner Health Plus Kids Probiotics (to 1st Jul)
Save Upto 40% off RRP on Clinicians Prospan (to 1st Jul)
Save 40% off RRP on Clinicians Hi-Dose Vit C (to 1st Jul)
Save 40-50% off RRP on Selected NutraLife Products (to 1st Jul)
Save 25% off RRP on the Weleda Body Care Range (to 28th Jun)
Save 30% off RRP on selected Thompsons products (to 28th Jun)
Save 40% off RRP - Clinicians Brain Boost with Cognizin (to 28th Jun)
Ends 28 June, 2019! (to 28th Jun)
BioBalance Chest Care Sale - Chest Care Peppermint Only $16.50 & Ki.. (to 25th Jun)
Save Upto 50% off RRP on Nutra-Life Selected Gut Health Products (to 24th Jun)
Ends 24 June, 2019! (to 24th Jun)
Get Upto 35% off RRP on Natures Way SystemWell Ultimate Immunity (to 18th Jun)
Offer Valid Whiles Stocks Last or Until 18/06/2019 - Whichever Come.. (to 18th Jun)
Weleda - New to Store - Skin Food Range (to 13th Jun)
Save 25% off RRP - Selected Superfeast Products (to 11th Jun)
Save 40% off RRP - Solgar L-Theanine (to 11th Jun)
Ends 11 June, 2019! (to 11th Jun)
Artemis ViroGone Sale - Save 25% off RRP on ViroGone Range (to 4th Jun)
45% Discount off RRP Sale - Natures Sunshine LBS II Only $19! (to 31st May)
Good Health Turmeric Sale - Save 40-45% off RRP! (to 31st May)
45% Discount off RRP Sale - Natures Sunshine LBS II Only $19 (to 31st May)
Good Health Turmeric Sale - Save 40-45% off RRP (to 31st May)
35% Discount off RRP Sale - Clinicians Peaceful Dreams & Bone Care .. (to 31st May)
Save 30-40% Off RRP Across Entire Manuka Health Range (to 28th May)
Save 35% Off RRP on Clinicians Kids Peaceful Dreams (to 28th May)
Thompsons Winter Sale - Save 25-45% Off RRP on Selected Thompsons P.. (to 26th May)
Free Delivery over $19 on All NZ Orders - 3 Days Only - From 11am 2.. (to 24th May)
Thompsons Sale - Save 30% off RRP! (to 20th May)
Thompsons Sale - Save 30% off RRP (to 20th May)
15% Discount off RRP Sale - Entire Wild Dispensary Herbal Tonics & .. (to 14th May)
Discount off RRP Sale - BioBalance Esterified BioActive C Powder (to 14th May)
Every Day Low Prices - Only $24.90 - BioBalance Certified Organic A.. (to 14th May)
New to Store - Radiance Kids Gummies Calm & Focus (to 7th May)
New to Store - Radiance Rest & Rejuvenate Beauty Powder (to 7th May)
Get 5% off your order when spending over $500 Coupon (to 30th Apr)
NutraLife - Upto 70% off RRP (to 26th Apr)
Weleda - 3 for 2 (to 26th Apr)
Biohoney - Skincare & Baby Range - 3 for 2 (to 26th Apr)
Herb Farm - Free Gift with Purchase (to 26th Apr)
Thursday Plantation - 3 for 2 (to 26th Apr)
Go Healthy - Free Gift with Purchase (to 26th Apr)
Good Health - 3 for 2 (to 26th Apr)
Blackmores - 3 for 2 (to 26th Apr)
Oxygen - 3 for 2 (to 26th Apr)
Karen Murrell - 3 for 2 (to 26th Apr)
Antipodes - 3 for 2 (to 26th Apr)
Health & Beauty Sale - Over 30 Brands - 3 for 2, Freebies & More (to 26th Apr)
Inner Health Plus - Upto 30% off RRP (to 26th Apr)
LifeStream - 3 for 2 (to 26th Apr)
Artemis - 3 for 2 (to 26th Apr)
BioBalance - Free Gift with Purchase (to 26th Apr)
Natures Sunshine - 30 - 40% off RRP (to 26th Apr)
Thompsons - 3 for 2 (to 26th Apr)
Solgar - 3 for 2 (to 26th Apr)
Biohoney - Honey Range - 20% off RRP (to 26th Apr)
Clinicians - Upto 50% off RRP (to 26th Apr)
Radiance - Upto 35% off RRP (to 26th Apr)
Living Nature - 3 for 2 (to 26th Apr)
Swisse - 30 - 40% off RRP (to 26th Apr)
Essano - 3 for 2 (to 26th Apr)
Health & Beauty Sale - Over 30 Brands! (to 26th Apr)
Linden Leaves - 3 for 2 (to 26th Apr)
Health & Beauty Sale (to 26th Apr)
Radiance Discount 30% off RRP (to 2nd Apr)
Kiwiherb Discount 20% off RRP (to 2nd Apr)
3x Reward Points - Entire Trilogy Range (to 5th Mar)
2x Reward Points - 17 Top Natural Health & Beauty Brands (to 5th Mar)
Save $5 off new hemisphere Hemp Seed Oil capsules (to 4th Mar)
Free Natures Way Reuteri 30s with Reuteri 90s (to 4th Mar)
Save 50% off RRP on Korolex Cranberry + Horopito (to 4th Mar)
Save 45% off Good Health Imaglow (to 4th Mar)
Save 33% off Nordic Naturals Childrens DHA (to 28th Feb)
Save 25% on Selected Weleda Oral Care Products (to 26th Feb)
Save up to 25% off RRP on selected Artemis detox products (to 18th Feb)
Save 30-45% Off RRP On All Manuka Health Products (to 18th Feb)
Save 37% off RRP on selected Lifestream spirulina products (to 18th Feb)
Save up to 40% off RRP on selected Clinicians sleep, stress & mood .. (to 18th Feb)
Thompsons Vitamin C 500mg 200 Chewables Now Just $15 (to 17th Feb)
Thompsons High Strength Fish Oil 200 caps now just $17 (to 17th Feb)
50% Off RRP on BioBalance High Strength Garcinia Cambogia (to 12th Feb)
Save 35-50% Off RRP On Selected Nutra-Life Digestive Health Product.. (to 4th Feb)
Save An EXTRA 5% Off Sitewide (to 31st Jan)
Free NZ delivery over $49. All yours, for three months! (to 31st Jan)
FREE Delight Hand & Body Cream when you buy 2 qualifying Antipodes .. (to 29th Jan)
Buy 2x Added Mojo 1-A-DAY Multivitamins for just $69 (to 29th Jan)
Save 30% Off RRP On Natures Way Hydraplenish Range Only (to 29th Jan)
50% Off RRP on Clinicians MultiVitamin & Mineral Boost Powder (to 29th Jan)
Save 35-45% off RRP on Good Health Body Cleanse & Garcinia Cambogia (to 29th Jan)
Save Up To 25% Off XLS-Medical, Europes No.1 Natural Weight Managem.. (to 29th Jan)
Save 25-30% Off RRP On Selected Trilogy Rosehip Face Care Products (to 28th Jan)
Earn 3x Rewards Points Across The Entire Artemis Range (to 22nd Jan)
Save Up To 55% Off RRP On Selected Swisse Products (to 6th Jan)
Save 30% Off RRP On Selected Living Nature Products (to 6th Jan)
Save Up To 65% Off RRP On Selected Nutra-Life Products (to 6th Jan)
Save Up To 45% Off RRP On Selected Clinicians Products (to 6th Jan)
Save Up To 55% Off RRP On Selected Good Health Products (to 6th Jan)
Save 40% Off RRP On Selected Solgar Products (to 6th Jan)
Save 20-30% off RRP across the entire Nordic Naturals range (to 22nd Dec)
Save 35-40% off RRP across the entire Clinicians range (to 22nd Dec)
Buy any 3 Lifestream products and only pay for 2 (to 22nd Dec)
Save 25-35% off RRP across the entire Natures Way range (to 22nd Dec)
Buy any 3 Biohoney skincare or baby products & only pay for 2 (to 22nd Dec)
Save 30-60% off RRP across entire Good Health range (to 22nd Dec)
Buy any 3 Living Nature products and only pay for 2 (to 22nd Dec)
Buy any 3 Antipodes products & only pay for 2 (to 22nd Dec)
Save 25-40% off RRP across the entire Radiance range (to 22nd Dec)
Save 40-50% off RRP across the BioBalance range (to 22nd Dec)
Buy any 3 Solgar products and only pay for 2 (to 22nd Dec)
Save 30-70% off RRP across the entire Nutra-Life range (to 22nd Dec)
Buy any 3 Thompsons products & only pay for 2 (to 21st Dec)
Get a FREE Rose Hand Cream with every $39 spent on Trilogy products (to 21st Dec)
Get Double Rewards on Natural Sunscreens (to 15th Dec)
Save 20-35% off RRP across the entire Inner Health range (to 11th Dec)
Buy any 3 Trilogy Products & only pay for 2 (to 5th Dec)
Ethical Nutrients Stress Range Sale - 25% off RRP (to 27th Nov)
25% off Popular Inner Health on The Go Probiotics! (to 26th Nov)
Double Rewards on XLS Medical Weight Management Products (to 20th Nov)
Get Triple Reward Points on BioBalance Garcinia Cambodia for Effect.. (to 20th Nov)
Absolute Essential Organic Oils - 20% off RRP. Selected Products only (to 20th Nov)
30 Plus NuWoman - Get Double Rewads! (to 20th Nov)
Biohoney Manuka Honey MGO 100+ - 20% off RRP! (to 20th Nov)
Essano Buy 3 & Only Pay for 2! (to 13th Nov)
Nutra-Life Kyolic Garlic - 40% off RRP! (to 13th Nov)
The Herb Farm Face Creams - 15% off RRP! (to 12th Nov)
Buy any 2 Trilogy Age Proof products & Get FREE COQ10 Booster oil! (to 9th Nov)
Save 25% Off RRP on Ethical Nutrients Mega Magnesium powder & tablets (to 30th Oct)
Natural Health Week - Earn 2x Rewards Across 25 Supplement & Superf.. (to 22nd Oct)
Buy 3 qualifying Living Nature cosmetics & only pay for 2 (to 16th Oct)
Get 2x BioBalances 5-HTP 150mg for just $49.90 (to 16th Oct)
Save 35% Off Selected Comvita Manuka Honey Lozenges (to 15th Oct)
Save 30% Off RRP on Bioglan Omega 3 Adults Gummies Only (to 11th Oct)
Save up to 40% off RRP on selected Natures Sunshine Detox products (to 30th Sep)
Save 35% off RRP on selected Clinicians Digestion products (to 30th Sep)
Save 25% off RRP on selected Enzymedica (to 30th Sep)
Save up to 50% off RRP across the Phloe range (to 30th Sep)
Save 25% off RRP on selected Inner Health products (to 30th Sep)
Save 25% off RRP on selected Artemis Detox products (to 30th Sep)
Save 40% off RRP on selected Solgar Digestive & Liver Health products (to 30th Sep)
Buy Nordic Naturals Ultimate Omega 180 Softgels & get 60 Softgels FREE (to 28th Sep)
Save 45% Off Good Health Turmeric Range (to 25th Sep)
Get FREE Delivery On Orders Over $1 (to 19th Sep)
Save up to 25% off RRP on Remifemin (to 11th Sep)
Save 35% Off RRP On Selected Clinicians Winter Products (to 31st Aug)
Save 25% off RRP on selected Weleda Mother & Baby products (to 31st Aug)
Save 45% off RRP on the new Living Nature Kekebaby range (to 31st Aug)
Good Health Viralex - Save 40-50% Off RRP (to 31st Aug)
Save 40% Off RRP on Ultimate Life Vitamin E Cream 100gm (to 31st Aug)
Buy any qualifying Artemis Mother & Baby product & get a FREE Tea I.. (to 31st Aug)
Get an extra 5% off qualifying Beauty Barrier Balms Coupon (to 31st Aug)
Save 25% Off Sambucol Black Elderberry Range (to 29th Aug)
Save 30% Off RRP on Linden Leaves Body Oils (to 17th Aug)
Save 40-50% Off RRP On Selected Good Health Magnesium Products Only (to 14th Aug)
Buy 2 qualifying BioBalance Superfoods & only pay for 1 (to 13th Aug)
Save 30% Off RRP on Inner Health Plus & Inner Health Plus Dairy Free (to 6th Aug)
Buy Good Health Turmeric Extra Strength 90 Caps & Get 60 Caps FREE... (to 3rd Aug)
Doctors Best Selected Products - Save 30% Off RRP (to 31st Jul)
Save 25-30% Off RRP Across Natures Way Range (to 15th Jul)
FREE Delight Hand & Body Cream When You Buy 2x Qualifying Antipodes.. (to 15th Jul)
Lifestream 3 For 2 - Add Any 3 Products To Your Cart & The Lowest V.. (to 15th Jul)
Sukin 3 For 2 - Add Any 3 Products To Your Cart & The Lowest Value .. (to 15th Jul)
Save 30% Off RRP Across Ethical Nutrients Range (to 15th Jul)
Save 30% Off RRP Across The Entire Oxygen Range (to 15th Jul)
Save 30-45% Off RRP Across Manuka Health Range (to 15th Jul)
Solgar 3 For 2 - Add Any 3 Products To Your Cart & The Lowest Value.. (to 15th Jul)
Nutra-Life Free Gift - Spend $49 on Nutra-Life Products & Receive E.. (to 15th Jul)
Save 25-35% Off RRP Across The Entire Radiance Range (to 15th Jul)
Vital Protein 3 For 2 - Add Any 3 Products To Your Cart & The Lowes.. (to 15th Jul)
Buy 2 GRIN Products & Get A Charcoal-Infused Bamboo Toothbrush Free.. (to 15th Jul)
Artemis 3 For 2 - Add Any 3 Products To Your Cart & The Lowest Valu.. (to 15th Jul)
BioHoney 3 For 2 - Add Any 3 Products To Your Cart & The Lowest Val.. (to 15th Jul)
FREE Rosehip Mist Toner 120ml With Every $40 Spent On Essano. While.. (to 15th Jul)
Trilogy 3 For 2 - Add Any 3 Products To Your Cart & The Lowest Valu.. (to 15th Jul)
Save 40% RRP Across Entire Swisse Range (to 15th Jul)
GO Healthy Free Gift - Spend $59 On GO Healthy Products & Get GO Pr.. (to 15th Jul)
Living Nature 3 For 2 - Add Any 3 Products To Your Cart & The Lowes.. (to 15th Jul)
Buy 2 Good Health Products & Receive A Free Magnesium Sleep Cream. .. (to 30th Jun)
FREE Bamboo Toothbrush with 2 Qualifying Grin Products. While Stock.. (to 30th Jun)
Clinicians Rejuvenate - save 40% off RRP (to 30th Jun)
Bioglan Red Krill Oil - Save Up To 25% Off RRP (to 29th Jun)
Trilogy Organic Rosehip Oil 20ml Triple Pack Only - Save 20% Off RRP (to 18th Jun)
Free 6x Essential Sleep Nutrients Sachets With Sleep Drops 30ml. Wh.. (to 18th Jun)
Inner Health Kids Range - Save 30% Off RRP (to 18th Jun)
Biohoney 3 For 2 Baby Care - Add Any 3 Products To Your Cart And Th.. (to 18th Jun)
Clinicians Womens Range - Save Up to 40% Off RRP (to 18th Jun)
Good Health Magnesium Sale - 40-45% Off RRP (to 18th Jun)
Nutra-Life Kyolic Garlic Save 45% Off RRP (to 17th Jun)
Thompsons Winter Health Sale On Now - Save Up To 40% Off RRP (to 16th Jun)
Vital Greens - Save 40% Off RRP. While Stocks Last (to 15th Jun)
50% Off RRP - Go Healthy Hair Skin Nailes 50 Vegecaps only (to 31st May)
30% Off RRP - Inner Health Plus & Inner Health Plus Dairy Free (90 .. (to 31st May)
Get 2 for 1 - Buy 2 Nordic Naturals Arctic-D Cod Liver Oils (237ml).. (to 31st May)
Antipodes - Buy 3 For The Price Of 2 (excludes Kiwi Seed Eye Twin P.. (to 31st May)
New Good Health Turmeric Sport Complex - 45% off RRP Now! (to 31st May)
Good Health Turmeric range - 40-45% off RRP. Shop the most popular .. (to 31st May)
BioBalance Argan Oil - Save 40% Off RRP (to 29th May)
Bioglan Apple Cider Vinegar 120 Caps - Save 30% Off RRP (to 29th May)
Efamol Mother & Baby - Save 30% Off RRP (to 29th May)
BioBalance Certified Organic Argan Oil - Save 40% Off RRP (to 29th May)
Clinicians Rejuvenate 60 Capsule Twin Pack Only - Save 45% Off RRP... (to 25th May)
FREE Mini Polish When You Spend $20 On Tailor Skincare. Limited to .. (to 25th May)
Thompsons Womens Health Sale - Save 30-35% Off RRP For Selected Pro.. (to 23rd May)
FREE Lip Hydrator When You Spend $49 on Living Nature Products. Onl.. (to 18th May)
Radiance Super Greens + 300gm only - Save 40% Off RRP. Only While S.. (to 18th May)
FREE BioBalance Coconut Oil (225ml) When You Spend $45 Or More On B.. (to 18th May)
Spend $49 On Nutra-Life And Get A Free Winter Multi 30 Caps. Only W.. (to 18th May)
40% Off RRP - Clinicians Immune Health Sale (to 18th May)
FREE Lip Hydrator When You Spend $49 on Living Nature Products (onl.. (to 11th May)
Free Coconut Oil (225ml) When You Spend $45 On BioBalance. 1 Free G.. (to 11th May)
Kolorex Kolsore - 25% off RRP (to 8th May)
Nutra-Life Magnesium+Gentle - 35% off RRP (60 and 120 capsules only) (to 17th Apr)
Save 45% off RRP - Nutra-Life Kyolic Garlic High Potency Formula (3.. (to 17th Apr)
Thompsons All-in-One Joint Complex - save 25% off RRP (to 17th Apr)
Swisse - 35% - 40% off RRP across the full range (to 11th Apr)
Get an Amazing Nourishing Day Cream when you spend $49 on Living Na.. (to 23rd Mar)
Free Delivery on NZ and AU Orders over $29! (to 15th Mar)
Clinicians supplements - 40% off RRP (selected range) (to 6th Mar)
Nutra-Life Turmeric range - save 35% off RRP (to 6th Mar)
Natures Way Supplements - 25 - 37 off RRP (to 27th Feb)
Thompsons Immunofort Jrs - 30-40% off RRP (to 27th Feb)
Natures Sunshine selected supplements - save 35% off RRP (to 20th Feb)
20% off Kolorex range (to 19th Feb)
Spend over $29 and get free delivery (to 15th Feb)
BioBalance Summer health products - save 40 - 50% off RRP (to 14th Feb)
Weleda Almond Facial Range - 25% off RRP (to 7th Feb)
BioBalance Liposomal B 300ml & Turmeric 180 ml (to 7th Feb)


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8th Nov: Farewell Wharariki HealthPost Nature Trust Trapping: via @YouTube
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21st Feb: Experience Manuka Honey from Biohoney: Tasty Goodness from Nature
1st Feb: Lipo-what? Learn about #liposomal technology - the best way to assist nutrient absorption. Meet us on Thursday 💚…
26th Jan: A fresh new range of Antipodes moisture-boost lipsticks 💋 Lipsticks so healthy you could almost eat them™
25th Jan: Lipsticks so healthy you could almost eat them™ 💋 #antipodes #lipsticks #fabulous…
22nd Jan: Some people had to pack up their lives & flee from West Africa conflict. Learn more about on-going #charity project
20th Jan: One day a year, people from Artemis harvest wild alpine thyme in the hills of Otago.
18th Jan: We have a new #carreer opportunity for a Finance & Commercial Manager. Join our lovely team if that sounds like you
30th Dec: Reducing food waste is easy, says young Auckland couple who love to ferment their food 🍅 🍏 🍆 via @nzherald
28th Dec: Are you getting enough #sleep?
22nd Dec: Thank you for you support throughout 2016 and wish you a very merry Christmas and healthy New Year 🎄 #christmas
21st Dec: We are stoked that the Zambian Health Centre we contributed to is now completed and receiving first patients. ❤…
14th Dec: How to make Healthy Breakfast with BioBalance: via @YouTube
1st Dec: Enjoy 12 days of HealthPost #Christmas deals. Today you can get 50% off RRP across the entire #Swisse range 🎁…
1st Dec: Our 12 Days of Christmas deals have just started. Reveal a new deal every day & spoil you loved ones this season..…
29th Nov: We committed to raise $40,000 to provide hygiene kits for people living at the border of Lake Chad Basin. Read more…
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