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14th Feb2019: Speak to your children as if they’re the wisest, most beautiful and magical humans on earth. For what they believe…
11th Feb2019: Based on your child’s current obsession, what will their future occupation be? #raisingkids #parenting…
7th Feb2019: No one has more on their to do list that a kid who’s just been told its bedtime. This is almost every night in our…
4th Feb2019: Major Feels 😴 like if you regularly don know what day it is 😂 #motherhood #parenting #nappiesdirect
28th Jan2019: Being an adult is pretty easy. You just feel tired all the time and tell people about how tired you are and they te…
24th Jan2019: Just out here living our best lives, which means coming home to bed before 9pm 😂 #parenting #familylife
21st Jan2019: The animal kingdom can teach us a lot of lessons about love, such as "theres no love quite as strong as a mothers a…
17th Jan2019: The struggle is real!! How are all our new mamas out there going? #tiredmum
14th Jan2019: Adult friendship = 2 people saying “I haven’t seen you in forever! we should really hang out more” over and over ag…
7th Jan2019: This is x1000 now that its the holidays am I right!? How does one child go through 5 t-shirts in one day!! 😤…
3rd Jan2019: Sometimes they just need a gentle reminder ladies 😅 Feel free to use the same technique! It worked a treat for us…
31st Dec2018: Snaccident (n) eating an entire pizza/ box of chocolates/ family size bag of ships by mistake. #whoops…
24th Dec2018: A response from a new parent to the question - "you have one wish, what do you want?" "I wish I were a little kid…
13th Dec2018: This would be a dream come true right!? No more tantrums in the middle of the mall or lost kids! Like if you need…
10th Dec2018: “Come here and let me smell your bum” Is an actual phrase I said out loud in public… I guess this is my life now 👼…
6th Dec2018: Currently relating to this way to much! How about you..? 😂 #parenting #struggles #crazykids
3rd Dec2018: You don’t know fear until a toddler rears back their hand to throw a toy at your face from three inches away! 😱…
29th Nov2018: Do you very hit the mid week wall..? Too many things on the mind and not enough time for all of them? We know all…
22nd Nov2018: How we explain what the feeding routines of a newborn is like to expecting parents.. "The roles are suddenly rever…
16th Nov2018: Yes please! 😊 #TGIF
15th Nov2018: Being a mum. "A constant battle between going to bed early to get enough sleep, or staying up late just because it…
5th Nov2018: Whenever my kids say “I love you” I always respond “I love you more” Because life is a competition and they need t…
1st Nov2018: Being a parent can be overwhelming and stressful at times but we have to learn how to relax sometimes. There is no…
29th Oct2018: My housekeeping style is best described as…. “there appears to have been a struggle.” Thats just like with kids ri…
25th Oct2018: Over 15 years ago our journey began and were still here today doing what we love because of all you guys! 😊 Thanks…
22nd Oct2018: Congratulations on the tiny human! 👼 Tag someone below who has recently given birth and show them some love 💛…
18th Oct2018: As those little ratbags get bigger, so does your mum voice 😂 am I right!? Tag a friend who can relate and have a l…
11th Oct2018: My favourite childhood memory is not paying bills 💸 Whats yours? comment below.. #adultlife #childhood #memories
8th Oct2018: Today I texted someone and then held my phone to my ear waiting for their reply… 😂 Is it the weekend yet..? 😴…
1st Oct2018: Have you ever looked at the last few loads of laundry and considered just throwing them away? Comment below if yo…
24th Sep2018: Dear Teenagers, Your mum may annoy you now, but there was a time you loved her so much that you begged to watch he…
20th Sep2018: Sometimes you just gotta take a step back and let go of whatever is bringing you down, in order to see whats truly…
15th Sep2018: Day 5 - Te Wiki o te Reo Māori Whether its your mum, dad, grandparent, brother, sister, friend etc. Put a smile o…
14th Sep2018: Day 4 - Te Wiki o te Reo Māori Lets learn how to develop small conversation! With a little practise, you and your…
12th Sep2018: Day 2 - Te Wiki o te Reo Māori Lets learn our numbers! #maorilanguageweek #parenting
6th Sep2018: When life gets you down, remember who is there for you... Dishes. ...They will literally always be there 😩 Bu tha…
3rd Sep2018: MEAT FREE MONDAYS! Perfect family dinner idea thats hits your winter food cravings right on the head! I mean... wh…
31st Aug2018: Hey Mama! ✨We hope you have a lovely weekend full of fun, adventures and laughter! #motherhood #parenting #relax
16th Aug2018: IT ALL KICKS OFF TOMORROW! 😁 We’re ecstatic to see everyone at the Auckland Baby Show from 17-19 Aug, Fri–Sun 10am…
13th Aug2018: THIS WEEKEND! Auckland Baby Show - from 17-19 Aug, Fri–Sun 10am–5pm, ASB Showgrounds. Come on down!! We would love…
11th Aug2018: Hey Mums and Dads of Auckland! We’d love to see you come down to the Auckland Baby Show from 17-19 Aug, Fri–Sun 10…
19th Jul2018: This breaks our hearts to see a beautiful young mother and baby taken too soon 💛 It reminds us that everyday that l…
9th Jul2018: DID YOU KNOW!? From 1 July 2018, financial support for New Zealand families will increase including the introductio…
3rd Jul2018: It happens to the best of us right? Comment below if you regularly enjoy a lovely iced coffee 😂 #mumlife…
15th Jun2018: Hey! 😁 We’d love to see you come down to the Waikato Baby Expo on Sat 30th June – Sun 1st July. Get your hands on…
11th Jun2018: A priceless parent moment is when you can look back and admire how your little ones have grown into such beautiful…
7th Jun2018: ✨ GREAT READ! ✨ This man has heled to save the lives of 2.4 million babies by being a regular blood donor. We hope…
1st May2018: Put your boots on and get your binoculars out because it’s time to hunt down our epic JUNGLE SPECIALS! 🙊 This Week,…
26th Apr2018: Hey Mums! - We all love a good booty call right? 😂 #nappiesdirect #parenting #mummyperks
23rd Apr2018: That’s right! Everyone’s favourite $10 deals are back! So jump over to Nappies Direct ( now…
21st Apr2018: TWO DAYS LEFT to get your hot little hands on these crazy monster specials! Check it out now!…
13th Apr2018: FINAL STOCK SELLOUT❗ This is the last sale of Pull Ups EVER! Limited stock available at never to be repeated pric…
2nd Apr2018: We’re very Egg-cited about this week’s specials! 🐰 😂 Our Easter Bunny Bundles will have you jumping for joy, so he…
23rd Mar2018: 🍂 FINAL DAYS – AUTUMN SPECIALS 🍂 P.s. enjoy the convenience of direct to your door delivery when you shop online w…
19th Mar2018: The leaves are slowly falling and the breeze has blown in these fabulous specials just in time for autumn! 🍃🍂 Check…
5th Mar2018: GIRL POWER WEEK! 💃 This week we’re showing appreciation to all the powerful women out there and praising them for…
3rd Mar2018: ✨ FINAL DAYS! ✨ $10 Week and 2 for $60 Jumbo Deals are ending soon! 😱 Get in Quick, while stock lasts!
26th Feb2018: $10 Week is Back! All your essentials for only $10 each. THAT’S NOT ALL!! Due to popular demand, we have extended…
22nd Feb2018: Are you ever truly prepared for parenthood? 🤔 Comment below with what you would fill in the gaps with 😊
19th Feb2018: 🐵 DOUBLE TROUBLE WEEK! 🐵 Jumbo Ultra Dry Infant Boy/Girl, Ultimate Newborn, and Nappy Pants all 2 for $60 and much…
19th Feb2018: 💪🏻 Break a sweat with your baby! 👶🏻 Comment below if you and your little one regularly workout together 😁
16th Jan2018: Just got the latest Massive January Bundle — 83 fonts & 1800+ graphics for ONLY $29!! 😍 via @TheHungryJPEG
10th Dec2017: Check out this great article on crafts to keep the kids happy on your travels!
8th Dec2017: Enter and WIN 6 months of Huggies nappies!
7th Dec2017: Have you checked out this amazing special! New ultimate nappies for walker & toddler $33 deal!
5th Dec2017: Are you planning a trip these holidays? Here are some great tips! 🛩
5th Dec2017: The news is out we have a JUMBO sale 🏷 happening, stock up now!!
4th Dec2017: Wow what amazing weather!! How is it looking in your part of the country? ☀
28th Nov2017: SALE ALERT: 2 FOR MONSTER BOX SALE 🔥 🔥 This supply will last you until February! Save for the Christmas period with…
28th Nov2017: 2 FOR $120 MONSTER BOXES! You heard it right! Get your hands this crazy deal today! 🔥
24th Nov2017: Summer is almost here! Try this DIY Toddler Swing for those sunny afternoons. ☀
23rd Nov2017: Will you have a newborn over the summer months? Here is some advice to keep them happy and healthy!
20th Nov2017: Pixie Boxes are only $35 this week! These boxes can supply up to 17 days of nappies! Shop now! 🌟
19th Nov2017: When Monday appears out of nowhere... Have a great day!
19th Nov2017: Unsure of what you should be feeding your little one? Huggies has all the advice you need!
17th Nov2017: Get your hands on $34 Ultimate Jumbo Nappies and Nappy Pants before you run out of time!
17th Nov2017: Ever wonder how your baby develops? Check out these articles from Kiwi Families to learn more!
15th Nov2017: Attention all big kids. Pull Ups are $11.99 this week!
13th Nov2017: SAVINGS ALERT. Ultimate Jumbo Nappies and Nappy Pants are just $34! We have even more spectacular savings on our website.
12th Nov2017: Happy Monday! and Happy World Kindness Day! Spread love and kindness. ✨ ❤
8th Nov2017: Dry Nites are $11.99 this week! 🌟 Visit our website for more monster savings.
30th Oct2017: Happy Halloween! 👻 Is your little one dressed up today?
28th Oct2017: $10 Week is almost over! Get in quick! 🌟
27th Oct2017: In the spirit of $10 week, here are 10 dinner ideas for under $10! 🍽
22nd Oct2017: Happy Labour Day! 🎉 🎉 How is everyone spending their day off?
20th Oct2017: We wish you all a happy and safe long weekend! ☀ ☀ #yayforholidays
20th Jun2012: Do you remember when all you carried in your handbag was your purse, sunglasses & lipgloss? #lifebeforekids
20th Mar2012: what #marmite shortage? are giving the Black Gold away. Purchase anything and we will include a mini tube of marmite
30th Aug2011: The Huggies Barcode promotion started yesterday. You need 12 barcodes of Huggies nappies, nappy-pants or wipes… (cont)
23rd Mar2011: Newsletter coming out tomorrow. Tick Tock - end of March specials ending, winners to be drawn, where does the time go?
22nd Feb2011: If you are on Vodafone NZ you can text 333 and $3 will go to the Red Cross Canterbury Earthquake Appeal. Ver… (cont)
9th Sep2010: Toys on sale. Below cost and need to clear out to get gorgeous new thingies for Christmas.
30th Aug2010: Survival tips for a mum of a sick baby via @nappiesdirect
3rd Aug2010: Ha Ha - Lady Gaga thinks that if she sleeps with someone they will steal her creativity from her vagina! And I thought it came from her a*se
2nd Aug2010: Mother-Well had this link on their status. So nice to know my screechy, high pitched voice comforts somebody.
29th Jul2010: Just got my Huggies Club email. V interest TV & kids article
12th Jul2010: I finished a whole day of work :D
1st Jul2010: Dad was telling me how cold it is in Melbourne at the mo.I felt great pleasure telling him "Go put on another jumper!" Revenge from teen yrs
30th Jun2010: The end of the month. My stocktake is not looking good. My intray is almost empty. I need some excitement.
29th Jun2010: I am woman here me roar with numbers too big to ignore.
24th Jun2010: Wow - Kevin Rudd is out and Australia has its first female PM. Go Julia!
22nd Jun2010: I am wearing my skinny jeans today simply because I can fit in them. They are incredibly uncomfortable but I fit them again. P
22nd Jun2010: Just started to read The Girl with a Dragon Tatoo. I am hooked! So tempted to start googling spoilers - but wont. Stieg Larsson you genius
9th Jun2010: Tracey and I are laughing at Sally Ridges latest craft efforts in NZWW. How does she keep coming up with outrageous crafts. Who makes them?
8th Jun2010: Just signed up to foursquare. I have no idea what the purpose of it is but I am there. Ok, now back to work and stop getting distracted!
1st Jun2010: RT @NZStuff: Week-old baby assaulted in Rotorua woman appeared on charges ... What is wrong with the world?
1st Jun2010: Huggies Baby Wipes are all on sale - $2 off every pack
31st May2010: Carseat issue link
31st May2010: Did you know about this carseat issue?
27th May2010: Something new from Pigeon
27th May2010: Just had the meanest person on the phone. Why is it so upsetting when we have 100s of lovely customers?
23rd May2010: It
12th May2010: Our email newsletter should go out today. Specials are Huggies wipes $4.99. Huggies nappy-pants $22.99. Loads new comps listed too
11th May2010: I am the proud owner of a cute Crown Lynn white fern vase thanks to my sweetest mum-in-law!
3rd May2010: Its May! When did that happen? I will be busy getting all the May Specials up for our Toddler Feature month
29th Apr2010: How did she hide a baby for crying out loud!?
26th Apr2010: My cleavage rocks the world
25th Apr2010: Traded eyeliner for dark circles, suits for trackies, Long showers for hairy legs, Designer bag for nappy bag & i wouldnt change a thing
19th Apr2010: The Bio Oil 60ml is selling really well at 15% off. We will include a GymTowel (write it in delivery instructions
19th Apr2010: Email Newsletter going out this week. Be ready for give-aways, discounts and something special when you refer a friend
14th Apr2010: Tracey is back in the office - less chaos already!
14th Apr2010: 15% off Bio Oil 60ml Was $19.99 now $16.99. I will include a free Gym Towel with orders of Bio Oil. Put in delivery instructions "Gym Towel"
30th Mar2010: Is there anyway that I can claim #Omagazine as a business expense? Its research! Its like a life coach! Go @Oprah
29th Mar2010: New email newsletter going out today. Denim nappies 2fer $40 - SAVE $20. 15% off board games
29th Mar2010: I love feedback like this one
28th Mar2010: Its the long weekend this weekend. Do you have enough to get you through? Need small, travel sized products? Call us 0508 NAPPIES
24th Mar2010: - ooops. forgot to give you the link to buy $14.99. I failed Sales Training :0)
21st Mar2010: Twitter family have a look at our Facebook page as we have a sweet comp
19th Mar2010: We have Huggies Baby Wipes going on sale next week. Have a top weekend.
16th Mar2010: (2/2) Topics "Breast Milk Expression Coaching" with Tommee Tippee (3-6 mths) & "Learning to Drink the Easy Way" (6-24 mths). F
16th Mar2010: (1/2) We are sending an expert Midwife from OZ to 6 coffee groups.She will be available in Akld 25th March & Wgtn 1st April.
11th Mar2010: You have until Sunday for $10 off
9th Mar2010: Please re-tweet. $10 off Huggies sale ends this Sunday at
9th Mar2010: Heaps of competitions loaded. Enter here
8th Mar2010: $10 off all single Huggies Nappies. $5 off Huggies denim
6th Mar2010: Huge sale on Monday
3rd Mar2010: We have the new Huggies Toddler-sized Nappy-Pants before the supermarkets do. Have a look!
1st Mar2010: I am talking at Waitakere Trade and Enterprise today on my favourite subject - Nappies Direct
1st Mar2010: Wow - we have Huggies 80 Baby Wipes at only $4.99. New Low Price
22nd Feb2010: We have a $10 off coupon until end of Feb. Promo code is FEB10 and you need to spend over $65 for code to work.
19th Feb2010: Thanks Nappies Direct supporters. Your loyalty gave us very strong sales during a normally slow month. Keep kiwi businesses alive!
16th Feb2010: New email out today with new offers. See specials here first
26th Jan2010: Little Swimmers promo now on! 2fer $25 at go to download form for free kickboard.Only need 2 barcodes.
21st Jan2010: Prices are going back up today at 12 noon
16th Dec2009: Toy sale is going bananas. Have it all home delivered
6th Dec2009: $5 off Promo Code to Twitter Family at Promo code is CHILDSHOW (have to be registered and over $50 to work)
4th Dec2009: Sippy cup and toilet paper give aways end after this weekend. Hurry to
3rd Dec2009: New coupon CHILDSHOW will get you $5 off any order $50 or more at until 7th Dec 09
1st Dec2009: Did you get our freebies? Check our homepage Blog to see what you can get!!
30th Nov2009: Free Tommee Tippee Sippy Cup worth $16.99 when you buy 2 Huggies Denim nappies.
24th Nov2009: Email newsletter tomorrow. Look out for our specials
23rd Nov2009: you can get 20% off at if you type in the code NAPPIES20 HOW GOOD IS THAT?
22nd Nov2009: New email going out this week. Freebies in all orders plus more
16th Nov2009: We have a whopping 15% off Bio Oil. New homepage blog up and a new readers poll now live
27th Oct2009: Anyone going to the Auckland Parent and Child Show? Come and see me!
13th Oct2009: Our website is down. Please call us 0508 NAPPIES.
7th Oct2009: BTW: Last night for these specials. They go back up to full price tomorrow. New specials for October coming
7th Oct2009: We have a few more Denim nappies in stock. Be quick as they go out faster than we can get them
30th Sep2009: Last chance for free Tommee Tippee Straw cup worth $16.99. Tonight only. Only need to purchase yourself your $100 bundle


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